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Welcome to yubasket camp - the oldest basketball camp
in the world with the most comprehensive program

The Profesor Nikolich Yubasket Basketball Camp is the oldest basketball camp and for the last 36 years is recognized as one of the best basketball camps in the world. The mission of the camp is to teach the fundamentals of basketball, foster personal growth, encourage sportsmanship and promote the growth of basketball in the world. YBC is open to girls and boys ranging from ages 11 to 19-years-old, and campers are depend of program matched up based on grade, experience and skill level in order to ensure an enjoyable and positive experience for every camper.


YBC is working with some of the best European coaches ( on the field) and provides a wonderful opportunity for young people from across the world to improve their basketball skills in a competitive, energetic, fun-filled and safe environment. During each camp session, the primary focus is on player development and YBC campers are taught basketball fundamentals including shooting, dribbling, rebounding, passing and defensive principles. The improving of the Atletic skills is one of the main targets in the camp.

In addition to developing good basketball players, YBC places a strong emphasis on self-discipline, team play and sportsmanship. YBC endeavors to not only produce good basketball players, but also to develop responsible citizens and productive members of society. Campers are encouraged to work hard and to achieve their personal best on and off the basketball court, and through motivational speeches and group discussions, YBC campers are taught life skills and encouraged to improve all aspects of their lives by developing self-discipline and a strong work ethic.

The Profesor Nikolich Yubasket Basketball Camp is also dedicated to making a difference in the future growth of basketball in the world. With the growing number of young basketball players, there are many campers who wish to continue their basketball aspirations in America and Europe. For campers that aspire to play at the next level, YBC has an intensive program geared toward advanced players that are ready to make the leap to the next level, and the camp`s staff and coaches aim to better educate all dedicated young athletes about the realistic journey to pursuing and obtaining that dream.

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