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They say about us


Zeljko Obradovic

"A actually start my professional career at Zlatibor camp many years ago. After so many years this camp didn't change. It still working with the best European coaches by the great program of Professor Nikolich who was a my teacher as well. My son is coming here every year and by this you can see my real opinion about this camp."


Neven Spahija

"The basketball camp in Zlatibor is one of the highest quality basketball camps in the world. It is approved by the Serbian and the Yugoslavian Basketball Associations (SBA and YBA). the camp is under direct supervision of the Belgrade Academic Basketball, which is unique in educating and acquiring to kids proper professional basketball basics. The best Yugoslavian coaches in this camp direct the kids, and teach them the correct basketball game basics. As a coach who lived and worked in Croatia, I respect and admire the coaching systems, and acquisition of excellence to the kids in the basketball camp in Zlatibor."

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