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In Europe In Serbia Map of zlatibor

A littlle more than 200 km southwest of Belgrade Serbian mountain beauty Zlatibor is situated. The first, inhabitants of Zlatibor region were the Illirians. At the beginning of our epoch the Romans dominate over this region and after 9th century the Slovenes start to move in. About the year 1180 Stefan Nemanja connects Zlatibor and Užice to the independant Serbian state.

Zlatibor is the biggest serpentine massif in Serbia. The highest peak is Tornik (1496 m). It is intersected by numerous rivers, brooks and ravines. Through the southern part of Zlatibor the strong river Uvac flows with its deep river bed and with very nice canyons. From under the northwestern borders of Murtenica the Crni Rzav has its headwaters and it flows through the central part of Zlatibor plateau. The river Sušica flows through the northern side and it got its name because its water disappears in limestone during the summer. The Veliki Rzav determines the eastern border of the mountain.

zlatibor zlatibor

On Zlatibor there are two artificial lakes. The bigger one is Ribnica on the river Crni Rzav and it spreads over 10 square kilometers. In the centre of tourist settlement Zlatibor the smaller one is situated and it has been made for touristic needs. During the summer season the tourists use it as a bathing beach while in winter they skate on its frozen surface.

With the unusual beauty spread over the slopes in this air bath during the centuries unusual things have been happening in a different way as in every day life. Even the climate here is not usual. In the same day on two different places in the distance of only about a hundred metres you'll notice incredible temperature differences. Walking from one place to another in a ten minute time you'll wish to have a cold shower and a warm blanket.

"Having grown" above the capital of wit - Užice - Zlatibor is unusual also by its plants. Such a varied vegetation in which pine trees dominate is a rarity hard to be described in words.

In the pine tree forest you'll meet the golden pine, by which this mountain beauty got its name - Zlatibor.

In the same way as the golden pine tree, which is rarity in the plant world, in the last two decades and a half, another world started growing - the basketball one - from under the foot of this mountain.

For 30 years Zlatibor has been grunding precions stones of invaluable values for Yugoslav and world basketball. Aleksandar Đorđević and Predrag Danilović, doubtlessly the best guard couple Europe has ever given, playing on Zlatibor for 9 years have been acquiring the knowledge which today is compared with an art.


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